Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ladies Dishtowel G.A.B. Night

We had an awesome time at G.A.B. Night!  We had 17 ladies tonight and we had such wonderful fellowship and we laughed and laughed!
My devotion tonight was on John 13 and how Jesus ministered to his disciples and how we too need to serve and minister to others. 
After the devotion we had a dishtowel exchange.
The dishtowels are to be a daily reminder to serve others! 
Everyone loved their new dishtowels!
And of course we had tons of food and it was all so good!

 For craft time we worked on several things we will be putting
in the YMCA craft fair.

Tiered serving plates are so easy and cheap to make. 
Nicole was playing Vanna White!

Several of the ladies made calming jars. 
 Everyone loved these and wanted to take them home with them! 
Very easy to make and they really are fun and calming!

Then we also made a I-Spy jars.  All the crafts turned out well and we had a fun time joking and laughing as we made them.  Can't believe how fast the night went and it seemed like we were cleaning up and saying goodbye just a short time after we started. 
I love our ladies and thank Gopd for giving me this ministry
So I can minister to them!

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