Friday, October 12, 2012

Not Again!!!

This is Brother Elmer's last weekend here before heading
 to Oregon and California for the next 5 months, where he has many meetings scheduled.  One of our sweet church ladies took him
and us out to Red Lobster as a going away and we had a
 wonderful time of food and fellowship.
On the way home we got a call from Mason that we had been broken into again.  Someone had broken into the shed and stole Chandler's brand new bike.  This is the fourth break in within nine months!  The officer who came was so nice and joked with my husband because he knows us so well from all the other times he has had to come out and write a robbery report. Praying that we will catch them in the act next time and put a stop to all this nonsense!
On good note, this was what greeted us when
we walked in the house this afternoon!
It's the part we have been waiting on to totally get the roof finished.

My husband checking over the part and calling to try to get the construction team here.  We only have this part for five days and then it is a hundred extra dollars a day that we have it after that. Praying that we will be able to arrange the crew to get here within the next week!

Just as the sun set, I looked outside and saw this beautiful rainbow spanning the sky.  It was so beautiful and such a wonderful testimony
 of our faithful and gracious God! 

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