Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love Sundays!

Psalms 122:1 - I was glad when they said unto me,
Let us go into the house of the LORD.
Our little man is getting so big and he loves to be in church! 
 He smiles so big whenever we start to sing and he loves when he gets passed around and gets loves from everyone!
We had an awesome day today and had 97 people in church!  We were so excited to see David and Neally and also Elizabeth all in church this morning.  For the invitation the altar was full and as soon as it emptied, more people came forward and flooded the altar again!  Saraina said it was a powerful message and you could feel the Holy Spirit moving!

Elizabeth was so excited to get baptized this morning!

Neally was excited too but a little nervous.  Being raised in the Catholic church she had only seen babies get sprinkled but no one
get baptized by full immersion.

I loved this picture as Pastor is always teasing that he'll
 hold them under til the bubbles stop.
Tonight before services started, my husband asked me to talk to Kaylee.  In Jr. Church today, we had talked about Saul and how he met Jesus on the road to Damascus.  Kaylee said she knew who Jesus was,
 but had never had the life changing experince of meeting Jesus like Saul did.  After I showed Kaylee in the Bible how to be saved she prayed, repented of her sins and asked Jesus into her heart and life. 
She asked her mom to run home and get her some extra clothes
so she could get baptized tonight.

Amen! Amen! Amen!
We are praying for another amazing week with many salvations and also to have 100 people in services next Sunday.  Love, love, love Sundays!

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