Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running but Yet Waiting

Yesterday it felt like I was running nonstop, but yet I was waiting around all day and did not get anything done that needed to be done!  My husband woke up and realized that he had a preacher's meeting that he had to be to at 9 am and the meeting was over an hour up the road.  He was running out the door as he told me he needed me at the church to watch for the tree guy who was coming to move one of our trees.
Of course you all know how it is, I went to the church and waited and waited and waited!  As I waited I did get my monthly ladies bulletin done which I am so thankful for.  Just one less thing to do later this week. 
 The tree guy finally got to the church at 11 am.
We had to get this tree removed as it is in the way of the new sidewalk and ramp and hallway addition we are putting in for the new building.

It was actually pretty neat to see how they removed the tree.

The spades went into the ground so easily and simply pulled it up!

The tree was moved to one of members houses who
 wanted a tree in their front yard.
My husband got home about 1 pm and we ran our usual
 Monday morning errands and my husband then got the piece of paper he has been waiting for.  He swapped his brand new 9mm pistol for our son's 1980 Dodge Charger 4x4.  It is a supped up guy truck and my husband has loved playing with it in the church yard.  He hasn't been able to drive it because he has been waiting for paperwork so he could go get it registered and that is what he received today.  Right before he went to register it, the couple with the man who rededicated his life to the Lord and the wife who got saved called and asked for a ride to the grocery store.  they moved here from Dallas, Texas three months ago and have been without a vehicle.  They have had a hard time saving for a car when they have been having to take cabs to work and to the store.  I went and took them to the store while my husband went and registered his play toy.  My husband is so sweet and loving that as soon as he got it registered he took it over to this couples house and gave them the keys.  They were so appreciative that we would help them out without really knowing them that well.  We told them it's what Jesus wanted us to do!  Of course my husband is diligently looking for them
a vehicle so he can get his toy back!!!
My husband then had a college class to teach and then
got caught on the phone for another hour as I tried to finish a project I had to get done.  At 9 pm my husband wandered to the house and although we still had a list of things that needed done, we decided we needed a little time to ourselves.  We went to the diner down the road and sat and lingered over a couple of burgers and just had a wonderful, sweet time talking and laughing and enjoying each other!  What a wonderful way to end another busy day!

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