Sunday, October 7, 2012

Senior Appreciation Day and Thankfulness

It was a very special day in services as we honored our senior members.
To start with, we gave all our seniors a rose corsage or boutonniere.  During the service Pastor recognized each senior and asked them
give the younger generation words of encouragement,
 words of wisdom and to tell the most important lesson they have learned in their Christian walk and what they have learned
to keep strong in their relationship with Christ.

I wish I was in services to hear these dear people speak for I heard many people say it was so touching to hear what was shared.
After services we had a special luncheon, with the seniors
 being waited on and served.
All our seniors said they loved it and thanked us for doing
 something so special for them.
For Jr. Church today we talked about the ten lepers that came to Jesus and were healed and how only one returned to Jesus to thank him.  We then talked about 2 Timothy 3:2 and how not being thankful is a sin.
For craft time we wrote thank you notes to Mr. Dan,
 the owner of Terry Bison Ranch and thanked him for letting us
 tour his farm and ride the rides.

They all worked so hard to make special cards of thank you and I will mail them tomorrow.
I also have to add that the adult Sunday School was amazing!  Pastor preached on loving God and not giving lip service but actually doing something to show our love.  I was very convicted and have several things to work on this week as I strive to do better in this area.

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