Saturday, September 8, 2012

Teens, Keys and Elitches

In our teen class we had a summer contest to get the kids to memorize
 and be faithful to church even in the busy summer months. 
Each week they got points for memorizing and being in church and by the end of summer they had to have a certain number of points and they would get to go to Elitches Gardens, the theme park in Denver. 
Sadly on four teens took the challenge seriously.
These are the four teens that won the trip to Elitches. 
You may be wondering why is this picture looks so smoky?  That would be what happens to the camera on your iPhone when it is totally soaked on the water rides! 
When we got to Elitches and parked, we all got out so excited
 to hit the rides and have fun.  We locked the doors and one of the kids remembered they had left their backpack in the car.  Since Mr. Chandler had been driving and had the keys, they asked him to unlock the doors.  He searched his pockets and looked at me with that amused kinda "oh no" look.  I then looked inside at the ignition where the keys were still hanging.  We were almost two hours from home with the keys locked in the car.  No coincidence, (only a Godincidence), that my dear sweet husband was coming to Denver that very afternoon to pick
a missionary up from the airport. 

God knew I would need my husband to come and rescue me, and arranged his schedule to include a trip to Denver this very day! 
God's timing is so awesome!

The teens had so much fun!  One of their favorite rides was the Mind Eraser which was an inverted roller coaster.  I kept my feet on the ground for this one by couldn't help taking a picture of their feet
 as they passed over my head.

They had two water rides that they had signs on warning,
 "Say Goodbye to dry!".  Why, oh why, did I not believe the signs! 
After riding these two rides we were totally soaked!  I immediately pulled my iPhone out of my pocket and discovered a little moisture in the camera.  Thankfully, by the time we got home the moisture had dried out and my camera is now taking good pictures again!
After spending all day at the park we headed to McDonalds
 for a special treat and then we were homeward bound.  The teens were so tired that they all were sleeping by the time we got home.  Mr. Chandler did tell them that he expected all of them to be in teen class in the morning and that no one was allowed to sleep in! 
Thank You God for a wonderful day!

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