Monday, September 10, 2012

A Reformers Unanimous Testimony

We were so blessed yesterday to have Ryan Jiles with us.

Brother Jiles came to share with us how the RU program works
 and to give us his testimony.  His testimony was so powerful!  
He is a a living testimony of RU and how RU showed him how Christ could and did make his soul free from the addictions he was so heavily chained to. (Cocaine, Alcohol, tobacco, ect...)   He preached all three services yesterday and it was simply an amazing day!  My husband has been praying about bringing the RU program to our church, as addiction of one kind or another affects almost everyone.  (Anything you put above God is an addiction!)  After Bro. Jiles spoke, several people asked to be the first to be in the class and several others asked if they can help teach and counsel.   My husband was was totally overcome by the overwhelming response the introduction to this program got and is fervently asking God to lead, guide and direct in bringing this program here.  

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