Friday, September 7, 2012

Office Work

That is exactly what my day consisted of. 
Usually I do most of the church office work on Saturday, but because I have ladies Bible Study in the morning followed by a teen outing, I had to get tomorrow's work done today.
In addition to the weekly Sunday Bulletin,
the second Sunday of every month I do a special ladies paper. 
The paper has 8 pages (Two sheets of paper folded like a book)
and reminds the ladies of our monthly  G.A.B. Night meeting which we have the second Tuesday of the month, a thought from the Pastor's Wife,  and then I add a few other fun and useful things.  This month I put in a recipe for Caramel Apple Muffins, a devotion about "Falling Before Jesus", a poem, and then a list of blogs or useful websites I've been following this month.  Other months I may put a song, cartoon, a funny or whatever else I find that would be helpful or encouraging to our ladies.

Tonight I have not felt well so my husband suggested we watch a girlie movie. (He is a cartoon guy so I love when I get to pick a more serious movie!)  We sat watching the movie holding hands.  So sweet and romantic!  Love my wonderful husband!

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