Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Poor Van

I am teaching Saraina to drive.  She has never had the chance to get her licence before so we are working on her getting it now. 
She is doing good and a really good driver and hopefully
will be able to take her test soon!
Sunday I needed to go to the ATM so Saraina drove and we parked in the bank parking lot.  As we were leaving, we were one of two vehicles
in the parking lot.  Saraina finished backing out of the the parking spot and was getting ready to pull forward when another car backed out of their spot and right into us.

Praising God that it was just a little accident and that Keith was not hurt. 
(He was buckled into the seat by the sliding door.)  It looks like only a little dent but it actually affected not only the door but the strut, spring and tire.  The back tire is dragging so we switched vehicles with Chandler and we will take his vehicle to Denver to pick up my mom.  Poor Saraina was shaken up wouldn't drive anymore that day but we will get her back into the driver's seat soon!
Today I went over to the church to put something away in my husband's office.  As I did I saw some books that reminded me to pray for a ministry in our church.  As I walked out of the office I saw a couple of small pieces of paper on the floor and picked them up.  As I threw them away I saw that the coffee station was out of spoons so I went in the kitchen and got a handful of spoons.  I walked in my classroom and did a check to make sure everything was ready for tomorrow night and then went out and locked the church door and started praying for my class tomorrow night.  When I stepped into my living room I looked at my hand realized I had never finished the task I started.
Totally made me laugh!

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