Thursday, September 20, 2012

It is Finally Going Up!

I have had a wonderful time with my mom the last two days. 
We shopped and talked and laughed and shopped some more! 
I am so glad I got to spend this time with her!
As I told my mom goodbye, I looked out the window and saw several trucks and a huge forklift pull into the driveway.  Everyone excitedly ran over to the church and watched as they started putting up the building.
The very first piece of red iron going up.


Of course SheBear was right there trying to help the guys.  It was so funny when the guys first got there and saw SheBear, they took turns standing with her as they took pictures with her.  Everyone loves SheBear!

These guys are amazing at what they do!  It only took them about two hours to get all the side iron done and they said they will be back tomorrow morning to put up the rafters.  God has been doing such amazing things in our church and with our people and we are now so blessed to see the building finally going up! Every step is so exciting to see and we are praising God for it all!

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