Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If God is Against It.....

If God is Against It.......So Am I
As our church gets ready to do the RU program, my husband is first teaching it to our people.  Last night we learned the first principle which is, If God Is Against It...So Am I.  It was a wonderful message!  God has convicted me of several things in my life today as I try to diligently compare everything I say and do to this first principle, "If God is Against It.....So Am I."  Going to be very interesting to see what else God shows me this week  as I continue to study and pray over this. 

Today I spent all day cleaning.  I mean deep, deep cleaning!  My mom is flying in Wednesday to visit for a day before she continues her flight to Maryland to see my brother.  My mom is super clean and although she raised me to be the same I am not nearly as clean as she is.  (She cleans her house twice a day and I only clean once a day!)  Even though she will only be here for a short time I have a few things planned and I pray we will have a wonderful time!

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