Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fort Fun

Today we took the kids from the summer F.R.O.G. program to Fort Fun. 
Even though the F.R.O.G. class was full all summer only two kids said
enough verses and earned enough points to go.  We went early before it got crowded and got the boys unlimited Fun Passes.  For two hours we ran around trying to cram everything in.

They played on the arcade games.
Slid on the giant slide so many times I lost count!

Bumper cars was one of their favorite things!
They also played Air Hockey, Laser Tag, Mini Bowling and Mini Golf! 
After all that playing we went to McDonald's for lunch before heading home.  We had so much fun with the boys and I think we wore them out
 as they were very quiet on the drive home!
When I got home I was excited to see my living
room window being replaced!

The old window was in bad shape and half the pane had been broken before we moved in and replaced with thin Plexiglass! 
Very cold in the winter!

The new window looks wonderful!  The guys have to sand it and apply more spackling and sand it some more before I can paint and then it will be finished.  Monday I will be deep cleaning as there is remodeling dust everywhere and my mom is flying in Monday!  I do not want my mom to see my house dusty!

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