Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bible Adventures Checklist

The countdown is on and there is only three more days
 until this year's Bible Adventures starts!  Oh my, oh my, oh my!  There still seems to be a hundred little things that I need to get done!
Paint and decorate wall (almost done!)
Visual song poster
Theme Verse Poster
Print off Verse Sheets and Organize them in binder
Print off record charts for attendance, verses and personal info for each child
Shop for more prizes and awards
Finish filling prize and award bins
Find this years puppets and organize puppet closet
Color runner figures
Get Velcro dots for runner wall placement and place on wall
Make metals
Make copies of this Wednesday's Puppet Show for puppeteers
Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray some more!
 Today between services we worked some more on the wall
and it is looking awesome!

You can tell fall is here and summer activities are coming to an end.  Even with it being labor day weekend, we had a full church for services this morning.  Today we had the Shrivnauth family from Guyana with us.  What a sweet family they were and we enjoyed hearing their burden for the Guyana people and and having sweet fellowship with them. 

Since we only found out last night that they would be here today I just threw together a simple lunch in the crock pot. Chicken, seasoned potatoes, corn and a peach cobbler. They said they have been eating nothing but fast food for a couple of weeks and were so thankful for a home cooked, western meal.   (I didn't think it was western fare as we didn't have steak with our potatoes!)
Tonight for services we had a Praise and Song time. 
I love these nights and listening to everyone give testimonies about what a great God we serve and how he is working in their lives.  My praise tonight was that over and over again this week, God has showed me what a godly man I have married.
I truly praise God and thank him that He 
has given me this wonderful man!

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