Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bible Adventure Wall

We finished the wall just in time for Bible Adventures tomorrow.  There is more that could have been added but I am happy with how it turned out.
This year is R.A.C.E., (Running After Christ's Example) and so we have a race track.  Each piece of the track is a verse, and when they have that verse memorized they get to move their person up the track.
Of course, as in life, there are many things we have to run through.
  I was not thinking of Pilgrim's Progress when we did the wall but many people say that's what it reminds them of.

Chandler and Mason mapped it out, designed it and drew and painted
 most of the landscape areas.  Chandler added his special designs in each area, as in the swamp where Kermit the frog is sitting on a log.

In the top of the desert there is a little cemetery and in the cemetery
Chandler has a little tombstone with his brother's initials.


Before the final path to Heaven Chandler drew this dragon to represent
Satan in the valley of death.  In the blackness of the valley there are
little red eyes peering out of the darkness.

If you stand back and look at our picture of Heaven it sparkles and shines brightly as we covered it with iridescent and gold glitter.  Maybe not the best representation of Heaven but it was all our earthly minds could manage.
Today I also finished the visuals for this year's theme song,
"Eagles Wings".

So excited to start another year of Bible Adventures! 
Praying that this year will glorify God and that will we see many children accept the free gift of salvation and learn to love God and to obey Him and serve Him with all their heart!

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