Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Night of R.A.C.E.

What an awesome first night of R.A.C.E. we had tonight!
We had 15 kids tonight, a really good number for Wednesday night. 
We do not run the bus on Wednesday night so it is mostly
 just our church families kids.
After we sang our theme song and said our theme verses, we met our new puppets.  Coach who is always blowing his whistle and yelling "Move it, Move it, Move it!", and Enrique and Riahanna, who are a couple of the kids who are learning it takes a lot more than just running to run a race. 

The the kids picked out their wooden figures to run the race for them
 and we put them all on the starting line.

They were so excited to see this years prize bin. 
 For every verse they say they get a different prize from a different drawer.  There are 150 verses they can say and 150 drawers with prizes.  (I have not filled all the drawers yet as I fill the first 20 and then keep my eye out for good deals on candy and little trinkets the rest of the year.  Halloween candy clearance is always awesome!) 
Our Bible story was on Hebrews 12:1-2 and Deuteronomy 11 and the children of Israel.  I try to use different ways to present the story, one week it may be a flannel graph, the next Abeka story cards, or PowerPoint or an object lesson.  Tonight I used PowerPoint, I love flannel graph though and it is my perferred way to tell Bible stories.

Of course Lawrence came and wanted to try out for the track team too! 
The kids love Lawrence and what a nerd he is and Mr. Chandler does an awesome job of being nerdy.  There is always a lot of  laughter when Lawrence comes out. 
For the race tonight, the kids did the waiter race and ran to pick up a plate of rocks and then balance it on their hand as they ran back to the finish line.  I totally forgot to get a picture but Christopher won. 
Christopher had foot surgery yesterday and was in a wheel chair but Mason grabbed his chair and helped him push through to win.  The kids didn't think it was totally unfair but it was a great illustration of us helping someone when they are not able to make it on their own.
As the kids left I gave them all their verse sheets for next week
and a package of M&M's. (Yes, I ate mine!)
I told the kids that M&M's stand for Memorize and Meditate, which is exactly what they need to do with their verses this week.
Praising God for giving us such a wonderful start to this year's Bible Adventures and looking forward to the rest of the year!

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