Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a Day! (A Very Long but Awesome Day!)

This morning started so early! 
(Too early for me as I try not to move out of my cozy bed until after seven!)  Truck after truck started coming in the church parking lot
at just after 6 am!  My dear sweet husband asked me to get up and take pictures and thus I shoved my hair in a ponytail and ran over to the church.

The trucks getting ready to start pouring.

The first pour of cement!  This totally brought tears to my eyes
as the process up to this point has been such a battle with the county.  
As I watched the cement pour into the foundation I praised God and thanked Him for letting us build this building for him! 

It was so fascinating to watch the men work,
move and smooth the cement.

Mrs. Helen, the oldest member in our congregation and the only person that was here in 1976 when the church was established, cried tears of joy as she watched the foundation being poured.  She told us that she has been praying for over thirty years for the church to grow and to be able to build.  She is so happy to finally see that day here!

I watched for a couple of hours and then went
and cleaned the prophet chambers and made sure there was cereal and milk and snacks in the cupboards.  Our fall Revival starts tomorrow night and our evangelist and family will be here late tonight.  I also ran and bought plates, bowls and silverware for the fellowships we will have every night before the revival, set up the fellowship hall and went through and straightened the church.  When I looked outside again they were doing the last finishing touches to the cement.

It looks so good!

They did not need the last little bit of cement in the last truck
so my husband brought a couple of wheelbarrows of it over to the parsonage and redid the front step.  I am excited as the step has been crumbling and falling apart since we moved in two years ago. 
It will be so nice to have a smooth and clean step! 

Praying I will get to sleep in tomorrow but with the revival starting tomorrow I know I will be up early to give my day to the Lord in prayer before I start what I know will be another very busy day for us!

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