Friday, August 17, 2012

Stone Soup

We love Revival and want everyone to come, but with everyone
working all day and then having to come home and get the kids ready and fed and out the door, time can be a challenge and also an excuse .
 Several years ago we came up with the idea of anytime we have revival or a special event for more than one night, we would have Stone Soup. 
The first night we have several ladies make a pot of soup.

Everyone is able to come and enjoy a bowl of soup and fellowship before or after the Revival. Tonight we had Italian Wedding Soup,
Onion Beef soup, Chicken Tortellini soup and Black eyed Pea and Ham soup. 
They were all so good!

We then ask for everyone to bring a couple cans of vegetables,
broth, meat, spices or any other kind of soup ingredient and as we clean up we put these into the soups and put the crock pots in the fridge for the next day.  Several hours before Revival the next night I pull the crock pots out and let them cook and we then have wonderful and different soup 
that night for dinner.  We do this for each night of the revival and every night the soup gets better and better!  We also have a variety of cookies and brownies to go with our soup each night.

The people love the soup and many eat before and after Revival!

Revival was wonderful tonight! 
We have Brother Micah Brackett from South Carolina preaching for us and he is a man full of fire!  Tonight he talked about how we all have Jonah's in our lives and we need to throw the Jonah's overboard so we can get to where we need to be spiritually.  We all need to get rid of the Jonah's in our life so that we can have true revival.  Very convicting!  I am excited to hear what God will have Brother Brackett preach tomorrow!

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