Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Ladies G.A.B. Night

I love Ladies G.A.B Night, I truly do but tonight I found myself
 having to pray for God to give me a happy, joyful heart and a right attitude as I did not really feel excited to lead it.  We were missing a lot of our ladies due to illness and vacation or just whatever else. 
Although I try never to look at numbers, sometimes it is discouraging when some of ladies are missing.

Tonight our devotion was on Hebrews 12:1-3.  I went over the verses and did an overview of what the kids will be learning this year in R.A.C.E., the Bible Adventures for 2012/2013.  After the devotion we had a time of food and fellowship and also discussed food for the revival this weekend.

For craft time we worked on getting a few things ready for R.A.C.E.

Some of the ladies colored and decorated kid figures.  Each child will be picking a figure to represent them on the R.A.C.E. track.

The other ladies worked on the medals that the kids will be earning
 during the year; gold, silver and bronze.  I asked all our church members for old CD's they didn't want anymore and then spray painted them. 
I think they turned out very good!

After everyone left, I finished cleaning up and then went out and found the guys still hard at work.  We have an inspection tomorrow before they pour cement on Thursday and the men were making sure everything was done and in order.  They were joking that they were the midnight crew because they most likely would be out there all night.

Praying we pass inspection with no problems!

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