Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday School Craft - Marionettes

The kids loved their craft today in church!  Mason came up with the idea of making little Marionette puppets to go with the Bible story. 
Their story today was about how God used Jonathan to help David, when Jonathan's dad Saul, was trying to kill David.  For craft time they were to make Jonathan marionette puppets.  Of course you could make any Bible character to go with any story.

First each child was given a Popsicle stick, wooden circle for the head and rectangle wooden pieces for the feet to color.  Each child was also given a pipe cleaner to wrap around the body for arms and hands.

After the children colored their people they then brought them to us and we hot glued all the pieces together with string.  The three main strings can be glued to the marionette handle ahead of time.  Mason made a little marionette yesterday so he would know how long to cut each string.

The kids loved them and I thought they turned out very cute!  It was so neat to see the kids acting out the Bible story with their marionettes.

Tonight we had one of our children baptized! 
Alan had asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior last year and last weekend as he and his mother were talking about God and salvation he asked his mother why, since he had already been saved, why hadn't he been baptized yet.  He talked to Pastor about baptism and Pastor felt he understood that baptism did not save you but was an outward symbol of dying to the old self and raising to walk in the newness of life.  Alan was so excited and we are excited too to see this young man give his whole heart and life to follow God!

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