Friday, August 10, 2012

Praying for NO Rain

July and August have been so hot and we are so dry here in Wyoming,
we desperately need rain but we are praying that we will have no rain until late next week.  The dig work is done on the foundation, the forms are going in and the cement is going to be poured on Tuesday.  If we have any rain before then, the foundation will wash away and we will have to redig. Definitely praying for no rain!

The guys have been busy trying to get everything ready
 for the cement pour next week.

Getting the pipping ready for the new water and sewer lines.

While they were digging to put in the new water meter they accidentally hit the main water line.  There was water everywhere!

The men had to dig for hours to get to the broken pipe and fix it. 
By the time they were done they were covered with mud! 
We were without water all night but praise the Lord they were able to turn it back on first thing in the morning.

As the men have been setting the forms for the cement
they ran out of boards and 2x4's.  We have a tree house in the backyard but the floor has totally rotted out and it is dangerous for anyone to go in so the men decided to tear it down bit by bit and use the wood instead of buying new stuff.

Brother Elmer throwing wood panels to the ground. 
Brother Elmer is our missionary friend from the Philippines and has helped so much this week digging and helping however he can.

The insulation will be used for various projects around the church and our church members houses.  They will slowly finish tearing the tree house down but got the supplies they needed to continue
 working on the new building.

Supposed to rain the next two nights but we are fervently praying that we get no rain on our side of town!

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