Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Awesome Night of Revival

My husband left early to take Brother Brackett out to breakfast
 and then they went to a gun show.  Not really a fan of gun shows, I saw that they were having an Art Festival downtown so I asked Kristie Brackett and her kids if they wanted to go.  We had so much fun seeing the various local artists and their work.  They had a huge tent set up for the kids where they could do art projects taught by some of the local artists that had work in the show.

The kids did several projects including painting sunflowers with watercolors.  I think they their pictures turned out beautiful!

Before Revival services we all enjoyed another night of Stone soup. 

Everyone loved it and said it was better than last night!  After we ate, we still had a little time before services, so while the women talked the men decided to go out and start pulling the forms off the cement.

So funny seeing all the men in their best clothes
 out working on the building!

Revival services were amazing again!  Brother Brackett preached on being a mighty man (woman) of God and it was so challenging and convicting!  Looking forward to tomorrow's messages!

After revival services we cleaned up the church for Sunday services and took the Brackett's out to Sonic for milkshakes.

We had an awesome time laughing and joking and talking about God and the Bible.  There is nothing like having fellowship with other believers and we are loving the time we are able to spend with the Bracketts! 

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