Sunday, July 8, 2012

Special Sunday Speakers

We have always been taught that the music is so important and sets the tone for worship service.  This is so true and you could feel the difference today as Bro. Richard played the piano for our services.  He has only been taking piano lessons for three years but he is very talented and can play anything!  Richard played with such heart and the atmosphere was joyful and exciting. 

Bro. AJ explained that the theme of their ministry in the Phillipines is
"Mansion over the HIlltop".  Bro. AJ and Bro. Richard sang this, first in English and then in their language.  Very, very beauitful! 

Bro AJ preached the morning service and Bro. Richard preached this evening.  Such wonderful, convicting messages, I was in tears by the end of each one!  We also had visitors at both the morning and evening services.  It was a wonderful, wonderful day of services!

Chandler and Sarina moved into their new house last week
and tonight after church, as they were leaving to go to their home,
Chandler told us he was taking Dawn with him.

Chandler got DawnTreader out of a batch of kittens from our mama cat when Chandler was 9 years old.  Dawn has been a one person cat and only talked to Chandler and would only let Chandler pet her.  She was devastated when Chandler left for Bible college and cried for months.  She finally started talking to us and letting us pet her but she still cried for Chandler.  When Chandler moved back home, Dawn was happy to be with her boy again!  Chandler and Saraina were not allowed pets at their apartment so again Chandler and Dawn were seperated.  Chandler loves owning his own home as he now can have his beloved cat with him.  We will miss Dawn but we know she will be much happier with her boy!  I am happier too, as there will no longer be long gray hair to clean up!!

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