Monday, July 9, 2012

I Finished the Bathroom!

In March, the men tore up my bathroom as they put in a new floor and bathtub.  I repainted the bathroom but never got around to buying new base board and getting it put up.  I was so glad I didn't when a few weeks ago the new tub got a crack in it and so Home Depot replaced it.  They finished the work a couple of weeks ago and today I touched up the paint, bought the base board and painted it and put it in.
I have gold accents all over the bathroom so after I painted the base board I added gold accents that match the accents I have painted on the cupboard doors and the light switches.

I had to give the base boards three coats of paint
 because of the dark color.

I then sprayed some gold spray paint on a plate.  Be sure to make a good puddle of the paint.  I could have used acrylic paint but I like the consistency of spray paint and how fast it dries.  Do not use a foam plate as spray paint will melt and eat through the foam!
 (I learned this the hard way!)

Wad up a plastic bag and dip it in the spray paint and then pat it on the plate to see the texture and amount of paint it leaves with each pat.

When you are satisified with the effect, pat the paint on the base board.  The spray paint dries very fast so you will need to rewad your bag and dip it in the paint several times until you cover the area you want covered.

The bathroom now looks great and I am happy I finally got it done!

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