Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Saturday After VBS

We were up until almost 3 am last night playing Dutch Blitz with the Rickards.  We love that game and play it whenever the Rickards are here.  Of course everyone is VERY competive and we had so much fun laughing as cards and people were flying across the table to get their cards on piles!  Although we went to bed in the wee hours of the morning Chep was up at 6 am and I was up soon after.  We both wanted to sleep in but as soon as our regular wakeup time was here we were both wide awake.  I spent a couple hours cleaning my much neglected house and making sure everything was clean and dustfree.  You never know when people are going to come by so I try to keep the house presentable at all times.  (Chep complains the house is too clean but I think my mother would disagree and could find plenty of dirt, dust and grime!!!
Yes, to this day I can still hear my mother's voice in my head telling me
 "Stop, do not walk past that, pick (clean) it up!!!")

I then spent some time doing office work for the church and getting the church bulletin done.  We will be feeding our missionaries lunch right after church tomorrow so I looked through my crockpot recipe book and decided to make meatballs, cheesy potatoes and a fresh salad.  Went shopping to pick up the needed ingredients and as I passed the school supplies I almost cried knowing that this is the first year
 I will not be buying my boys school stuff! 

Our Philippine missionaries are staying with one of families  in the church.  They called this morning to ask us over to dinner as our missionaries were cooking Philippine food.

They made Philippine eggrolls and a chicken and rice dish.  It was so good and we ate until we were stuffed!  We had such good fellowship and learned so much about our missionaries and the area they are going to.  We are so excited to hear them preach and sing and play their instruments tomorrow.  Praying to see visitors and salvations tomorrow!

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