Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Much Needed Weeding

You know it's time to weed the flower bed when the weeds
are up to your knees!  I hate getting my fingers dirty and just hate, hate, hate getting dirt under my nails!  Thus I only weed the flower beds on rare occasions!  We had a huge, huge all day rainstorm on Monday,
so I thought I would take advantage of the ground still being wet and get the flower beds looking presentable again.

When we were in Idaho in May I went by my dad's house
 and dug up some Hen's and Chicks and some lilacs.  I planted the lilacs as soon as we got home but the little Hens and Chicks have been sitting in a pot in the front yard waiting to be planted.  Chep found this old rusty bucket among the lilac trees at my dad's and thought it would be a nice addition to our flower beds. I love the Hens and Chicks cascading out of the bucket, plus they will spread fast and cover a lot of area around the bucket.  I love having a few plants and trees from my dad's house as every time I see them they remind me of home and my dad. 
I still miss him so much!

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