Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Shower

Tonight for Ladies G.A.B. Night we had Saraina's baby shower and had so much fun!  Miss Nel made the cutest Noah's ark cake!

Everyone blew up ballons and then put them under their shirts. Whoever's 'baby bump" matched Saraina's won the game.
The ladies loved this and we laughed and laughed!

We also played the bottle game where,
whoever drank their bottle first won!

We then molded babies out of PlayDoh and Raina
chose the cutest baby sculpture.  I thought Pam's was the cutest baby with a little curl of hair on the top of his head!

I gave a devotion on fear and how, as Chandler and Saraina
 raise this precious child, they need not fear the future but give Keith into God's hand everyday as God will protect him and everything that happens in Keith's life, good or bad, will be for the glory of God. 
I read Psalm 91 and we prayed for Keith to grow to love God and serve God for all his life.

Our ladies were so sweet and gave Saraina so much cute stuff and some things she really needed!

Of course the food was so good and I totally killed my diet!
God blessed us with another wonderful night to Gather Around the Bible and fellowship with each other.  I love our G.A.B. nights!

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