Monday, July 23, 2012

My Awesome Weekend Trip

I have been praying for a few months to be able to go and surprise
 my brother for his birthday.  God answered my prayer and my husband let me leave on Friday morning.  I drove 12 hours straight and got to his house at 6 pm that night.  He was not only surprised but shocked to see me!  He said that God knew what he needed as he had a terrible week at work and was not looking forward to his birthday.  His wife is serving in Afghanistan and being mom and dad to two little girls while being on active duty and working long hours is not easy!

On Saturday I took the girls shopping for their daddy's presents and then we went out to lunch.  The girls are adorable and so silly! 

The North Dakota State fair was Saturday
so we spent the rest of the day and night walking and looking
 and eating and playing!  We had so much fun!

After church on Sunday, I helped the girls
make cupcakes and decorate them.

So careful signing the card, "Love you daddy, you are the best daddy ever!"  We then went exploring and rock hunting as my brother is a huge rock hound.  For dinner we barbequed steak and corn on the cob and then celebrated my brothers 34th birthday.

He loved the presents the girls gave him and told me he loved his birthday!  Praising God for giving me the opportunity to go and show my little brother how much he means to me!

This morning I drove another 12 hours and listened to marriage enrichement tapes and wonderful music all the way home. 
I am so excited to be home and excited for all the stuff
we have planned at church this week!

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