Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Ready and Using Coupons

Today we were busy running, shopping and getting for "Cheyenne Day"
which is tomorrow.  Many, many people are off work tomorrow
and there are a lot of activites going on around town. 
One of the biggest events is the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds performing and doing a show over the local college.  Since our property borders the college, this is a big day for us too.  We call it "Free Day" as we let people park on the church property for free, hand out tracts, and give out free hot dogs and snacks.  This year we will be doing free face painting for the kids,  using the colors of the wordless book, and telling them
what each color means as we paint.  We are so excited to have a parking lot full of people to witness to!

We had quite a bit of shopping to do today as we picked up
 last minute items for tomorrow.  Our grocery store was having a stock up sale on cleaners and I was able to purchase a few things for the church.  I love being able to use coupons to help the church get the best buys and save them money.   With my coupons I was able to get all this for only five dollars!  I love my coupons! 

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