Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Day

We were up and out the door at 6 am this morning as we finished set-up for "Free Day".  People started arriving at 8 am and by the time of the airshow at 11 am, the parking lot was full!

We were able to park almost 200 cars in our parking lot.  As we waited for the airshow to start, we had several hundred people come and eat free food and also let their kids get their faces painted.

The hot dogs, chips and snacks were a huge hit and this gave us a chance to talk to and witness to many people. 

The kids loved getting their face painted
and loved hearing the gospel story told through the colors.  We had many parents hear the story too and a few parents actually sought out members of our church that were there helping and asked if we could further explain the gospel message!  It was so exciting to share the
Good News with so many people!

The line to the face painting grew and grew and our people
 were face painting non-stop for almost four hours! 
 Chandler had a huge line as he was drawing dragons, spiders and bats and all the boys loved it!  Instead of face paint we used watercolor colored pencils and these were amazing as they worked beautifully after being dipped in water.

The Thunderbirds started at exactly 11 am
and they were awesome to watch!

All during this time, we had people touring the church and saying how beautiful it was.  We talked with so many people, invited everyone to church and witnessed to all those who would listen. 
We had several show interest in coming to church and we are praying that we will see them soon!

As everyone was leaving, they tried to give my husband or the food ladies money.  We refused all money and explained that Jesus had given a free gift to all and that gift can not be paid for so thus we also wanted to bless others and give them a free gift.  We had several people get very upset because they just could not understand why we would do everything for free.  Thus it is with the world and God's precious gift of salvation.  So many people can not understand and will not accept the free gift that God has so freely given to all and feel that they must somehow find a way to pay for it.  Praying for all the people we met and had contact with and praying that many will be saved!

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