Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scream Ball

What do I do when, on a Sunday morning,  the kids are extra hyper and not sitting quietly and not focused and listening?
  I break out the Scream Ball!

The kids love the scream ball and pay extra attention when I pull it out.
When the ball is my hand the kids have to be totally quiet,
but when I throw it in the air.................

The kids scream as LOUD as they can!  As soon I catch the ball again..........

Everyone has to be totally silent! 
I do not use this every week, as I want to keep the Scream Ball special and not something the kids expect.  I do not like raising my voice in class so this works well to get and keep the kids attention on the days that the kids are having a hard time sitting still and staying focused.  I have to mention that we usually have one kid who tries to be onery and lets out a little scream after I have the ball in my hand while all the others are quiet.  When this happens I immediately hand out small treats to all the kids except the one who did not follow directions.  This usually solves the problem immediately as no one wants left out from getting a treat!

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