Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Jesus Loves Me" Wall

One of my favorite things to do at every church we serve in is to make a "Jesus Loves Me" wall.

Every child that comes to Sunday School or Wednesday Night Bible Adventures gets their picture taken.  I then cut around their picture and stick it on the wall with sticky tack.  We have this in the main hallway where everyone passes by it. (This why the pitutre is slanted!) 

All the kids and adults love it and there are always a couple of kids or adults standing there talking and laughing as they point out all the different faces they find, old and new friends, bus and church kids, and some that have moved or grown-up.  The kids also love to find themselves and will let me know if I have forgotten anyone!  It is so fun when years later the kids look at the pictures of when they were little and firsted started coming to church.

Everytime I walk by the wall, the song "Jesus Loves Me"
 pops into my mind.  Flintstone style that is!

Jesus Loves Me (Sung to the tune of the Flintstones)
Jesus, Jesus loves me
Jesus, loves me, loves me this I know,
For the, For the Bible
For the Bible, Bible tells me so!
Little, little ones to Him belong,
They are, they are weak but He is strong!
 Jesus, Jesus loves me
Jesus, loves me, loves me this I know!

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