Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Sweet Daughter-In-Love

Chandler and Saraina celebrated their one year anniversary last week.

It has been so much fun watching them as God leads and guides them in their new life and watching them grow in Christ as a married couple.  From the moment Chandler started courting Saraina, she fit right into our crazy and wacky family.  She loves to laugh and tease but she also can be serious, she loves God and her favorite place to be is at church either serving in Sunday School or sitting and listening intently to the sermon, she is quiet and kind and compassionate but at the same time she stands up for what is right and wrong.  I tease Chandler often that he married my mini-me as Saraina acts and talks and thinks like me in so many, many ways.  He rolls his eyes at me and smiles and says, "I know, I know, I don't know how it happened!"

The other day, Saraina and I were sitting and laughing as we always do and she said to me, "I don't think a Daughter-in-law is supposed to get along this well with her Mother-in-law!"  I know that in the world today many realtionships between mothers and daughter-in-laws are strained but God wants us to have rich, full and loving realtionships with each other.  Saraina is such a loving and sweet young woman and we have a wonderful relationship without drama or strife but full of laughter and tears and so many long wonderful talks about God and family, politics and everything else under the sun.   

We love Saraina and are blessed that she is a part of our family and we are looking forward to watching as she and Chandler bring a new little one into our family and raise him for God.

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