Saturday, June 30, 2012

VBS Advertising and Setup

We are so excited as it is our favorite time of the year,
Vacation Bible School!

Last Sunday after church, we had a window painting party and wrote on everybody's vehicle windows so they could be moving billboards for VBS.  Sadly, Sunday Night it rained and washed all the windows clean.  I wrote on our windows again on Wednesday Night and again within an hour or so the sunny skies turned gray and washed my handiwork off!  Today I knew I would be running all over town so I painted the van windows again!  So far so good and the windows are still decorated!

Every year we have the Rickard family come and do our VBS.  We have had the whole family do it for us for years and they do an amazing job!  As their children have grown, their children have left their parents and come and helped us put on VBS.  This year we have the youngest two, Nathan and Mary, here to run it for us.  Nathan and Mary got here tonight and we spent time decorating and getting the
santuary ready for the very busy week.

This year the theme is "Be All You Can Be for the Glory of God"
The missionary story this year is Dr. Vic and how he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  The daily verses are on the walls allong with a few doctor charts that will be used in the missionary story. 

We are so excited to see what God does during this week and we are praying that we have a lot of kids and that these children and their parents will hear the gospel of Christ and be saved!

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