Friday, June 8, 2012

God is So Good!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are working on beautifying our playground.  The grass is very splotchy and full of weeds and pricklies.  We tilled up a corner of the playground and were planning on sectioning off the playground section by section as we planted grass seed and waited for it to grow.  Today one of our men was following a Garden and Nursery truck and noticed that they had a trailer full of sod and they took the sod and put it in a garbage pile.  Our man stopped and asked the owner what they were doing with the sod and if we could have it.  Since the Nursery is resodding a local business, they have to take the old sod out and it throw it away.  The Nursery owner said if we picked up the sod we could have as much as we wanted! 

My husband called all the men of the church and within a few minutes we had a good group of men gathered to roll sod, and roll sod they did!

They filled up two trailers with sod!  Over eight hundred dollars worth of free sod! After they had it all loaded they took it back to the church.

Everyone worked so hard as they raked, moved and laid all the pieces in place.  Even Koalie helped out as she rolled around, loving the new grass!

The grass looks so good!  The men still have a few hours of work tomorrow as they finish laying the rest of the sod that was gathered today.  The Nursery owner said that he would let us continue to gather sod as they work on their current project and also let us know whenever they are taking sod out of other businesses.  We pray that by the end of summer we will have the whole playground and church property sodded.  Thank you God for providing us with this wonderful and amazing blessing!


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