Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fire and Darkness

With the start of summer our bus kids numbers are down,
but we have several bus kids who are so faithful and never miss a week.  
Two of the our most faithful kids are Josh and Ethan.  They are the sweetest boys and are always ready and waiting on Sunday morning when the bus picks them up and always ready to give us teachers a hug when they come running off the bus.  They love S.S. and are so excited to learn about God and Jesus each week. 
Today after church, when the bus went to take them home,
they found firetrucks blocking the driveway and firefighters putting out the smoldering remains of their trailer. 

We are praising God that no one was hurt in the blaze!  The bus driver immediately called my husband and he called Josh and Ethan's mom.  She said they lost everything and are left with only the clothes on their backs.  My husband offered to help in whatever way we can.  She promised to put a list together for us tomorrow and we will start collecting all that she and the boys need.  We are praying that through this we will be able to minister further to this family and that this mom will see her need for salvation and get saved!

Last night as we were getting ready to head to bed, my husband let the dogs outside. It was such a nice night I went out and stood in the cool night with him. Standing there, I looked at the playground and noticed the back porch light of the church was on. I watched two teenage boys wander onto the playground.  I pointed them out to my husband and when my husband stepped toward them, they heard the steps in the gravel, looked up and ran.  My husband ran to the front of the church and saw two additonal boys out front keeping watch and two more boys breaking into the church.  My husband yelled and started chasing them but they ran in every direction.  By the time the police got here, all the boys were gone.  I was shocked that these teenagers would try to break into the church when all the lights in the parsonage were still on and the church was totally lit up by the securtiy lights we installed after the last break-in in March.  It breaks my heart that these teenagers are stuck in such darkness and headed down such a terrible path.  We think it is these same teens that have broken into the church and various other buildings on the church property over the last year.  We are praying that God will use all these break-ins for His glory and that these boys will be caught and we will be able to witness to them and their families!

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