Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Mason!

Today Mason turned 18!  I can not believe the time went so fast but my baby is now an adult, and a wonderful, awesome, loving adult he is
and there are so many things I love about him!

I love his heart for God, how he spends hours studying his Bible and going on long prayer walks as he seeks God's will for his life.  I love that when he preaches, he preaches from his heart with love and humility.  I love that he loves people and his desire is to see them saved.  I know God has great plans for him and I am looking forward
 to see where God is going to take him!

I love his smile and how he is so funny and can make me roll on the floor with hysterical laughter no matter what kind of mood I'm in.  I seriously think he should be a comedian but alas, he says God is not leading him in that direction.  (The world is missing out!)

I love that he is so sweet and kind to others.  I love that he gives everyone that he sees on the side of the road a ride. (Dangerous I know, but he says God tells him too!)  I love that that he sees others with needs and goes and buys their need or physically works to fix their need.

I love that he says he hates little kids but rides the church bus every week to bring kids to church.  He is the one the kids gravitate to because they know he'll play with them and give them attention.

I love that he is a total gentleman and opens the door for me and any other lady he sees.  He loves manners and thinks we need to bring chivarly back.  He is willing to defend a ladies honor at all costs!

I love that he loves to read and can spend all day buried with a book. 
(So takes after his mom!)

I love that he loves his brother and they laugh and play and get along so well and never fight.  (Okay, Okay, they fight a little!)

I thank you God for Mason and the wonderful time you have given us to raise him for you.  I ask that you be with him in the days, months and years ahead and help him as he continues to follow you.  Please keep him in your way and help him to always listen to your leading and guiding.  Help him to always be humble before you and be loving and compassionate to all the people around him.  I pray that you continue to build him into the man you want him to be and help him to be a vessel for your use.  I give him to you once again and know that you have a future for him better than I could ever imagine. I thank you once again for this special gift you have blessed us with.   Thank you God.

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