Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Wonderful Day!

It was so exciting to see Linda at church this morning! 

We met Linda on Tuesday while we were out door knocking and visiting.  We had a wonderful conversation with her and she told us that although she had been going to the Methodist Church but didn't know anyone there and had not been faithful in last few months.  We told her how friendly our church was and invited her to visit with us.  Our church was different from what she is used to but she says she loved it and is planning on coming back.

After church we took a picnic to the park and had a wonderful time eating and laughing.  Chandler, as he does every Mother's Day, gave me a beautiful letter that made me cry and a gift to go with it.  He wrote of our Homeschooling Journey coming to an end and a new journey starting and gave me several things to help me start this new journey.  A box of kleenex for Mason's graduation next Sunday, a hummingbird feeder as he thinks with all the extra time on my hands I need a new hobby,  'bird watching", a new card game to play on game nights, a pint of ice cream to binge on when needed and a few other things that made me laugh and cry!  What a sweet gift!

After lunch we took some time for some pictures. 
Getting the boys, (all three of them!), to be serious was nearly impossible
but we still got some good pictures.

  Thank you God for blessing me with such a wonderful family!

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