Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Building Progress

Many have asked how our new building is progressing.  
It may not look like we are not making much progress but we are, slowly but surely.  To start with, since we are in a flood plain, we had to make sure the area where the new building is, would be the required raised height.  Several months ago we had dirt brought in and packed to meet code.

We then submitted our site plan which requires a certain number of trees, parking spots and outside decorations.  We patiently waited for the county to accept our plan which we were told would take time.  After a month my husband called to see how much longer approval would take.  Turns out the county had forgotten about us!  They immediatley sent someone out and we started the process again.  We have an engineer working on the plans and he sends the plans to county and county sends them back with changes that need to be made and we send them back and so forth.  Yesterday we were told we needed 7 more trees and 11 more bushes to meet the development requirements.  Since two bushes equal one tree we decided to plant a row of bushes to seperate the playground from the parking lot.

We bought 30 Juniper bushes and two small trees.  It was so nice out today and Chep worked most of the day digging and planting.  I tried to help but I was not a very good digger! (Plus I HATE getting dirt under my fingernails!)  I ended up spacing all the bushes equally, making sure they were all in a straight line and keeping my honey's cup full of ice cold water.  Chep was so thankful when Mason got home from work and had finished his school so he could come out and help finish up the job. 

With the bushes in place, the county says we should get our permit to grade the parking lot and also the permit to start the cement work for the building by the end of the week.  We pray that everything will start rolling now and we will have the building up within the next month!

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