Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother Daughter "Tee"

This morning we woke up to snow, clouds and cold!

For the start of our Mother Daughter "Tee", everyone was supposed to meet on the outdoor mini golf course for 18 holes of fun. 
One look out the window and I knew we were going to have to cancel that part of our "Tee". 

We were still able to meet at the church for the rest of our banquet
and we had a wonderful time.  We decorated with golf balls, flags,
 grass and golf napkins and plates.

 We played a golf trivia which we all failed terribly at
 and we then had a devotion on "Avoiding the Hazards".  For food we ate finger sandwiches held together by golf tee's and the many yummy salad's our ladies brought.  What a wonderful time we had laughing and fellowshipping together!

For door prizes, several ladies won golf bags with candles and other goodies inside.  It was definitely a fun theme this year and we will be be taking a raincheck on mini golfing later this summer.

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