Thursday, May 10, 2012


We have a huge prairie dog problem at the church.  They have dug little holes all over and it seems like my foot is always finding them.  I told Chep I was going to break a leg one of these days!  We have tried everything to get rid of them but they have seemed to flourish.  One of our men came up with a wonderful idea and it seems to be working.

Chep and Mason set a wire covered ring over a freshly dug hole and fill the hole with water.  If there is a prairie dog in the hole he will soon come up gasping for air.  The wire ring keeps him from escaping and then the guys simply.............well you get the idea.  Everytime they see one pop out of the ground they rush out to get the pesky critter.

This has been one of Mason's favorite duties around
the church this spring and I am sure he will be have the 
church yard prairie dog free soon! 

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