Monday, April 4, 2011

A Few Hours Away

After a busy morning of running errands and checking up on a few of our church members that have been sick, my sweet husband told us to get in the car because we were going to take some time off.  My dear husband is always working and at times it seems we get very little family time, so we were so excited to get away for a few hours!  We drove south about 45 minutes and found a neat little Nature Area that we could walk around.  The air still had a little chill to it, but the sun was out and it was so nice to hike and do a little exploring.  Ever since Chandler and Mason have been little they have loved taking walks and finding sticks.  I remember them collecting so many sticks in their hands that they could barely carry them.  Some things never change, and as we walked Mason was on the look out for sticks to play with, the sticks were just a bit bigger this time.  I guess it's a boy thing!

It was a wonderful place and we will definitely come back after it warms up and spend more time exploring the area.

For dinner we enjoyed a treat at Five Guys Burgers.  It was a splurge as our diets do not allow burgers and fries but it was nice to sit and enjoy some good laughs and family time.  One reason we love Five Guys is the fries!  They use only Idaho potatoes and you know we LOVE Idaho potatoes!  Today they were not only from Idaho, but from Blackfoot ID, the town we just moved from.  Just a little taste of home!

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