Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday School Behavior Motivator

Whereas we had a full day of sun yesterday, this morning we awoke to snow!  By the time church got out, we had several inches!
Today was a very hectic day in Jr. Church.  The teacher for the 3rd through 6th grade was sick so I combined my class with hers and we had 2 year olds up to 12 year olds.  This week started spring break for the schools so we were actually way down in numbers, which was actually a blessing.  We had several little ones that did not want to sit still and did not want to listen and it was very disrupting!

I taught the first of the Easter story today, the Triumphantal Entry.  For our craft we made donkey puppets out of paper bags.  It was very hectic, so I did not have time to grab the camera and snap any pictures. 

Today I used my gumball machine for a behavior motivator.

I told the class that the two boys and the two girls who behaved the best, sitting still, listening and obeying would get a gumball.  I asked my helpers to watch and at the end of class those kids came up to get a gumball.  Before they turned the machine knob, they tried to guess what color gumball would come out.  Then they turned the knob and the gumball came out.  If they guess the right color, they then get to get a prize out of the treasure chest.  If they guess the wrong color, they still got to keep the gumball.  I fill the treasure chest with all kinds of things I find at the dollar store.  Stuffed animals, jump ropes, cars, puzzles, markers and other various items that the kids love.

When I tell the kids that I am watching carefully for my gumball winner, you see the kids sit up straight and put their hands in their laps.  It really works well and the kids always ask as soon as they come to class if we're doing the gumball machine today.  I do not use it every week, but on weeks that I feel the kids are more hyper and need
a little more motivation to sit still. 

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