Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures is our midweek Bible Club for the kids
and we are having such fun this year!

The theme for this year is "Saved" and we are focusing on how sin is a fire in our lives and the only thing that can help us fight the fire of sin is God and the Bible.  Everyone loves Fireman Joe, as all the kids have to do is yell 'FIRE' and Fireman Joe pops up and sprays water at everyone.  Each week we have puppets skits, a nerd skit, memorize verses and hear a Bible story.  We are working on memorizing Romans chapter 5 and also verses that go along with the Bible story we hear every week. 
Every year I change the prizes and the method by which the kids
 can earn prizes for the verses they say. 
This year we have five bins full of fun prizes.

If they memorize one verse they get a small piece of candy
out of the first bin.

If they memorize two verses they get one piece of candy out of the first bin and one thing out of the second bin.  The second bin has small novelty stuff that I get from Oriental Trading or the Dollar Store.

For memorizing three verses they get one thing from each of the first three bins and then it goes the same way if they memorize four or five verses. The third bin is filled with fun sized candy bars.

The fourth bin has an assortment of larger novelty items and also granola bars, crackers and fruit-by-the foot.

And then our fifth bin is filled with popcorn and cookie packs, gum and pop and whatever else I find on sale. 

The main point is that each bin has bigger and better stuff in it.  If the kids want the bigger stuff they really have to work to get it.  For verses, I really expect the kids to have them memorized.  The teens help listen to verses but they only give the kids one help per verse.  In Psalm 119:11, it says that we are to hide God's Word in our hearts so that we do not sin against Him.  We are trying to teach the kids now, the importance of memorizing and memorizing each verse the way it is written in the Bible.

For our verse wall this year, we have a fire painted in the middle of the wall with each kids name on a square off to the sides.  For every verse they say they get a small square next to their name.  We end this year's Bible Adventures the last Wedneday of May and they will get a special prize for the number of verses they have said during the Club year. 

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