Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day Off?

After a long exhausting day yesterday,
 no one wanted to get up this morning.

Mason was dragging his feet as he did not want to go to work this morning.  He got new hours this week and was not excited about going to work all morning and into the afternoon and then having to come home and do school.   All through school we have stuck to a pretty strict schedule and never schooled past noon or at the latest, one, and schooling all afternoon just seems wrong to him. 
After praying with him he was out the door to begin his day.

Chep woke up this morning and announced that he was taking the day off.  We made plans to go birthday shopping for Mason but then Chep remembered that the church was having a phone tech come out today to change phone services.  No big deal as the tech was supposed to be here between 8 and noon, so we waited.  And waited and waited and waited!  Eventually Chep sent me to the grocery store to grab meat for dinner while he called to see where the tech was.  After a couple hours on the phone and many calls later he was able to fix a problem that had arisen with the phone transfer.  Of course by that time Mason was home so we put off our shopping trip for another day.

A couple of our church kids came over this afternoon with trees that they had been given at school.  Their homework was to plant them somewhere where they could watch them grow and they wanted to plant them on the church property.  Such sweet boys!

The boys were so excited to plant them and we all are excited to see them grow!  Mason finished school by five and we went to the park for a walk.  Not much for a day off but we were glad to get out and enjoy the beautiful evening.

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