Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I've Been Reading

I love reading but sometimes it seems like I have no time
 for any reading other than my Bible.  This week though I was able to fit a couple of books in.

'Unplanned' was a eye opening story of Planned Parenthood
 and the workings there.  I have always heard of Planned Parenthood but never really looked into what it was about or what they did there. 
Abby Johnson gave a powerful testimony of how she got involved and stayed in Planned Parenthood for many years and what happened to turn her to make her totally turn away from there and join the Coalition for Life.  I have always been against abortion but this really opened my eyes to the damage that abortion causes.  I also loved how she testified that a soft kind word were more of a tool than harsh, ugly tactics in the fight to save unborn babies lives.

"Murder By Family' was a strong and emotional story of the murder of Kent Whitaker's family.  His wife and youngest son were murdered while he and his oldest son were badly injured.  After several years of investigations, the police arrested his son as the mastermind behind the murders.  The book was a awesome testimony of God moving in Kent's life and helping him to fogive all those that were invovled and standing behind his son through the trail.  You can feel his love, compassion and forgiveness throughout the book.  It made me look at myself and question whether I am forgiving the way God wants me too or hanging on to my bitterness.  Just a great book!

Of course this week I also read Colleen Coble's new book, 'The Lightkeeper's Ball'.  It was nice to have such a lazy week and be able to read all these but now I really need to dedicate myself to finishing up wedding invitations and the quilt I'm doing for the wedding! 

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