Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

What a wonderful day we had today. 
A very long day and I am totally exhausted but it was wonderful!  We started with our sunrise services at 6 am.  Since it was drizzling and snowing out and the sky was cloudy we had services inside.  It was a wonderful way to start the day by the reading of the resurrection story and singing hymns.  One of the men in our church shared his testimony with us and it was awesome!  After the sunrise service we had a huge breakfast.  Good food and even better fellowship!

For Jr. Church I taught the resurrection story and we made
resurrection rolls.  The kids took a marshmallow to represent Jesus,
rolled the marshmallow in butter and then sugar and spices and wrapped the marshmallow in a crescent roll (the tomb).  We then baked them and when they came out of the oven the kids were amazed! 
The rolls were empty!

We had a little time left so we made a craft out of foam pieces that pictured the empty tomb and said  "He Lives"

 We had a lot of visitors in the main worship services. 
It was so exciting to see so many new faces!  After services we had two baptisms and a family join the church.

Also after services we had a photographer there to take pictures of everyone that attended services.  The photographer did a wonderful job and we are excited to see how the pictures turn out.

For night services we had a Song and Praise service and it was good to sit and listen to everyone share the goodness of God.   Praising God for the wonderful day He gave us and letting us serve him another day!

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