Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Much Can You Fit in a Saturday???

This Saturday was so busy for us!   At 8 am the men gathered for their weekly Saturday morning Bible study and then at 9 am all the other church members arrived to do our church spring cleaning.

As the women and girls deep cleaned the inside of the church, the men and boys worked outside digging to find a leak in the water line.

We were able to finish everything by 1 pm and everyone
went home to shower and get a few things done before
coming back for an afternoon wedding.

Pam did a wonderful job making the cake, it was beautiful! 
And of course Michelle was a lovely bride.

It was a beautiful wedding and Julian and Michelle
are so happy to be married!

After the wedding and reception and then doing a quick cleanup we ran across town to the Civic Center where the symphony was putting on Handels' Messiah.  It was an awesome night and wonderful to hear our Lord and Savior lifted up in music.  It was also a wonderful to spend time enjoying it with our church family!

It was a very busy day but we loved every minute of it! 

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