Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There are Those Days........

Got up early to get my morning devotions done and then made sure Mason was up and had his school started.

Then I ran out the door to give support to one of the ladies in the church as she had important happenings today.  Ran back home and my dear husband asked me to ran an errand for him.  As I came back in the door once again, my dear husband was running out.  Mason and I then were able to finish getting ready for our Wednesday Night Bible Adventures.  Mason has been such a huge help this year to come up with ideas that make the puppet skit, Bible story and nerd skit all flow smoothly and are all on the same subject.

The kids are loving it, and of course their favorite part is when Fireman Joe sprays them all with water!  After an energetic hour of puppets, memory verses and a Bible story, we dismissed the kids and I mingled with the adults as they came out of Bible study.  Spent some talking with one of our military wives whose husband is TDY and gave her some encouraging words and a hug.  Mason and I cleaned up the Bible Adventure room while, my dear sweet husband spent some time counseling.  Finally made it home a little after ten and did family Bible time before sending Mason off to bed.  I think that I am ready to head there too!  Praying that tomorrow will be a little slower of a day!

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