Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Spiritual Mother

One of my dear friends and spiritual mothers is sitting at the feet of Jesus tonight. How sad to think of her gone, for I will miss her so much, but so happy that she is now before the One that she has always loved, worshipped and served.  My friend was many years older than me and was always giving me words of wisdom and advice for living this life while fully loving and serving God.  I can remember going on ladies morning visitation with her every week for many years.  She taught me so many things in those years and I will always remember her sweet, sweet spirit. 

This has been a very rough week for my dear sweet husband.  He has been running non-stop as he has been ministering to the needs of our congregation.  Tonight a wonderful couple from our church took us out to Texas Roadhouse for our anniversary.  It was a great time of food and fellowship as we ate and visited.  My husband was who loves to talk, was very quiet during dinner, just mainly listening and eating.  Later I asked if anything was wrong and he said "No, I was just enjoying dinner, I didn't have a chance to eat anything yesterday or today."  I felt so bad that I didn't see and meet my husband's most basic need this week.  The minstry can be keep us very busy but I need to make sure my husband is taking the time to eat.  I know tomorrow is also going to be another busy day for him but I am planning to take him food as he sits in the hospital with one of our ladies and also going to make him stop and grab a bite as he runs to the many other things he has planned.  One of the things I love my husband for is how much he puts all his heart and soul into his ministry and I need to make sure his body has all the energy it needs to keep up with his busy, busy schedule!

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