Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You Can't Leave Us Hanging!

First I have to post a good picture of Keith and the girls.  In yesterday's post I posted a picture of Keith pouting and crying and although it fit with what the point I was trying to get across, I love pictures of my babies smiling and showing their personalities!  Aren't they all adorable!

Our Wednesday night story board of Jonah is growing!  Every night we review what we have learned up to this point and the kids love shouting the answers out as we go over each verse and each point.  Tonight we finished Jonah 3:9 and talked about how the King hoped if they repented to God, that God might not destroy Nineveh and they might not perish as Jonah had gone through the city preaching.  We then talked about John 3:16 and how God promises us that if we believe in Jesus and His sacrifice we also will not perish, which led us to talk about repenting and salvation.

As I was finished putting the pictures on the story board and was getting ready to end our story time, one of the girls said, "Come on Mrs. Amy, we can't be done for the night!'.  I asked her what she meant and she said, "Every night you tell us more of the story and then you get to an epic point and then you stop and tell us we have to come back next week to hear the rest!  You can't do that!"
I smiled at her and asked her what I couldn't do.  She said "Leave us hanging!"  I laughed and told her we were not quite down with the story yet tonight.  We continued to talk about salvation and I then looked at the girl and smiled and said' "You want to hear what happens next?"  All the kids yell, "Yes!!!"  Still smiling I told them..... "You have to come back next week!"  Groans came from around the room as the kids exclaimed it wasn't fair, they didn't want to stop, they knew I was going to say that!  I love that even though we are going so slowly through the book of Jonah, that they are hanging on every verse and wanting to hear more and more of God's Word.  Truly there is nothing better than teaching these precious kids God's Word and seeing a thirst and desire as they learn who God truly is and what He can do in our lives when we follow and submit to His will and way.

Another Day in the Ministry to teach, to love, to give, to help, to encourage and fellowship with God's people!  I absolutely love my life!

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